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YaKnow?Check! that's my name. Traveling rappa from the Heart of Europe - Czech Republic. Now you can see me here because I´m a curious person and the way just led me here. What I do is lovin' life and rhymin' 'bout it. If I skip talking about all the live shows and the cooperations with some of the best Czech producers back in my country the journey took me through many parts of the world and I've got some "music souvenirs" from most of them. In London, UK I did a few songs with the talented Polish guys than I moved to Vancouver, Canada and did the music video for "Only Man" and the Scotisch remix of it one of the songs from my "VIRtual EP!" which was released online in 2011, and was a colection of recorded material from about last 4 years. The next big thing and a chalange for me was the featuring on the latest album of rock group Nonsense from my town Velke Mezirici. The track called "1-2-Rock Check!" has a music video and it was a lot of fun to make it. The latest music adventure I did was the track "SAMOA CHECK!" recorded in Samoa over the beat produced in New Zealand. So now I'm here in Raglan Records and looking forward to catching some more music waves...YaKnow?Check!
WARNING: All you can hear in the links below is in Czech language so you better be ready for it!!!

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