- Black Sand on my Feet

Black Sand on my Feet

To celebrate NZ Music Month for 2014 Lynne Wilkins is releasing the song Black Sand on my Feet, performed by Twisted Timber (Lynne Wilkins, Michael Mackinnon, Rene Andre, and Redgie Valente) and recorded by Tom McCormick at Blabbering Tree Collective. Thank you to Eric Otoka for keeping us on track.  All proceeds from the song will be donated to Kiwis Against Sand Mining (KASM), to assist with the costs that they have incurred in their fight to stop sand mining off the west coast of New Zealand. 


You can purchase and download the song by clicking the link below, or if you don’t want the download but want to help the cause, go to their website kasm.org.nz and find out how to make a donation.





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