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 - Big in Digbeth

Big in Digbeth

tHe MeHaRiS

tHe MeHaRiS formed in 2013. Cal, Murph, Rudi and little Johnny were liberated from the tyranny of regular paid work with the Holy Show BAnd, Roisin Dubb and flat roof pub country and Western. Following the release of 'tHe HuRsT sT ep' recorded at magic Garden by GAvin Monaghan the first press of which sold out in a week, the buzz has been growing. The songs evoke the sounds and attitudes of young England from 1979 to the early 80s.

'A soundtrack for the monkeyboots and milksnatchers generation'

'Gutsy tunes, idealistic politics and council house chic'

'Bittersweet brum rock agit-prop punky pop songs'

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