- The Dodatts

The Dodatts

The DoDatts name came about from the grandkids asking if they could dodatt instead of :do that: so we thought that would be a good name for a family band, son Adam on Drums, son-in-law Scott Lorimer lead, Dori is the lyrric writer and singer, son James on Digeredoo,  then we were lucky to have two talented mates join in sometimes, Duncan Harwood playing bass, currently recording his own album and previously playing with son Adam in the band :Happy Hearse: and good friend the  Dave Alley who plays any and everything, is currently recording a new album, (now a bit of a regular playing in Raglan at different venues) with his band The Dave Alley Band. (A lot of the first music I wrote was while living on a farm on the Aotea Harbour). A few years ago a mate Todd Williams started having an acoustic edge night at a local bar every 3rd thursday night of the month for original artists, it was a place to met have a jam and enjoy new sounds, we have built an outdoor stage on the farm in Onewhero, and hold a couple a concerts over summer for locals and other bands to entertain like-minded people, Dori enjoys the recording process, and the fun of trying out different instruments and sounds.


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