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My interests have always been much broader than writing music, but it’s the medium I always return to in order to distil and integrate these interests with what I am learning about life. Growing up, what is often termed ‘paranormal’ was normal to me. I learned from a young age there were almost zero outlets to express or explore this within most social or institutional environments, so much of it got channelled into music and song writing. 

After a (very) short spell working for a stock broker, I knew I wasn’t going to fit into any conventional work setting and I began writing music and songs in earnest. My first group was a contemporary classical and cabaret fusion act called Bal. Our weird and wackiness earned us an Edinburgh Fringe Festival award and a record deal with SLT/BMG records. From there I began to get commissions to write music for concert hall, film and theatre and combined this with personal development workshops on the power and spirit of the voice and coaching. I read everything I could find on quantum theory and neuroscience and was fascinated in how similar they were to spiritual principles; the only real difference seemed to be personal perspective and a preference for either a scientific or a metaphysical approach. And all of which have woven themselves back into my music. 

Gradually my song writing has drifted into the world of rock, pop, Indie and electronica, largely because I love the seemingly endless recycling of ideas allowing the pop/rock music format to continually refresh itself. I see this as a powerful metaphor for humanity, particularly as we adapt ourselves to the full implications of the ‘Quantum’ era, freeing ourselves from outdated ideas of small lives based around economic ‘survival’ and instead tapping into and expressing our full potential. The only limitations we need encounter are the ones we make for ourselves. We are quantum! 

Currently I am working on the second part of a planned trilogy of albums called I AM QUANTUM. The first part is called FIELDS OF MARS, which was released in April 2016 and received its inaugural performance at the Chapel of the House Of St Barnabas in London’s Soho. 

Each album explores our quantum potential from a variety of perspectives; how we see the world and how we see ourselves in it, the understanding that our quantum nature holds enormous potential for us to transform ourselves, that life, the world, the universe truly are magical – but only if we allow them to be. And find the courage in ourselves to stop doing the things that kill that magic. As more and more people around the world are waking up to claim their power and take back their sovereignty, I hope my music and songs are able to both capture the feeling of it and reflect that zeitgeist. If, as quantum physics has it, all matter is simply a frequency, then it follows that all life, the world, the universe and beyond are songs within songs. 

Of course, like everything – there is a dark side too. The past has shown us that social systems can be self-serving and narrow-minded, casting out or excluding its members who struggle to squeeze themselves into such confining parameters. By seeing the quantum potential in everyone and assisting them to see it in themselves, we give wings to desires and our consciousness and therefore universe expands. Science and spirituality are moving closer together. Our Quantum selves have the power to create from our dreams and live and love powerfully. But we all knew that anyway – from the moment we were born. The pressure to forget it was strong. But it is there in all of us, waiting to be remembered. Join me in my quantum adventures – walking between worlds, seeing beneath veils, living beyond limitations and revelling in the vibratory force that is sound.



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