- Unfamiliar Sounds
 - Unfamiliar Sounds

Unfamiliar Sounds

Staircase Wit

My name is Cameron Weaver and I’m a musician from Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been writing, performing, and recording original music over the past seven years. Recently I’ve been writing and releasing music under the moniker “Staircase Wit”, and I just self-released my debut EP, Unfamiliar Sounds.

“Staircase Wit” essentially means to think of the perfect thing to say after a conversation has already passed. I often find myself holding my tongue in situations where I wished I would have spoken my mind. That’s how I write songs. They are the dialogue that I make up after a struggle with a friend, partner, or with myself. They are all the things I wanted to say to those people in the heat of the moment but couldn’t. I feel that a lot of people get stuck in their own Staircase Wit time and again, and I hope those people can find the words they are looking for through my own.

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