Spain is a terrific country. Nice and hot without being absolutely horrendously scorching. Laid back attitude and a belief in enjoying the good life. Maybe just a tad too religious but ‘chacun a son gout’, as they say in France. 

The Spanish also know a thing or too about playing football, because they’ve won the World Cup and the Euros in recent years and they’ve got probably the best two teams in the World. The first of these is Real Madrid. The second is Barcelona, but I think we should mention at this stage that they don’t actually want to be in Spain, they’d rather have their own little country, Catalonia. 

Speaking of Catalonia, that is where our first Spain-based Raglan Records artist, Marilu Lopez, is based (although she is actually of Venezualan origin). I’m not sure whether she would like independence for Catalonia or not: 

Marilu Lopez


and there's also the amazing:



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