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Back in the day I was born in Granite City, IL and raised in St. Louis, MO, along with my four brothers and mother.  


Music is everything to me. I’ve always believed that since long before I could remember. Then I started hearing the music. I didn’t know how or why; and much less, what to even do with this ‘thing’. Then I got introduced to a program called FL Studios or Fruity Loops (music making software). There, I could transfer what I could hear around me into actual music.  I’ve always been a creative person. Since, I mostly stayed to myself growing up, that gave me the ‘quiet’ that I needed. I taught myself how to do so much, so I figured ‘why not try music?’.  

Eventually, later on down the road I joined the United States Marine Corps. During my four years of active duty, I met some of the craziest, hilarious and trustworthy people. Those people gave me perspective on lots of things, and those people are my brothers and sisters. Their views, mixed with mine, opened up so much potential for me to expand my creativeness. Accepting all for all, can bring all for all.

My Days Now..

I attend a community college in Port Huron, Michigan where I am working on obtaining an Associate's in Graphic Design. On my free time, I try stay out of trouble, number 1. Stay fit at the gym, hang out with my kids (my pets) or most likely be working on music or art. 

What’s Next?

What I plan/hope to see in the future (as far as my music), is for people to use my creativity for inspiration and/or motivation. Really, just for people to open up more and spread overall love to each other (just as I learned). Grow more as an individual, then help thy neighbor.  


I love to learn new things from military tactics to physics (I’m weird like that lol). I’m an animal lover. Also, I love to try new things. Whether it be food or different activities. I’m just trying to remain open-minded. That way I can grow more as a person.  

Title: Brief Moments 


Title: The Monkey



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