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Did you hear?

Parabola West

Parabola West is the sound of Auckland singer/songwriter Amy Tucker.

Her catchy indie-pop tunes have been featured on NZ radio, and her Debut EP "Did You Hear?" is currently selling across America, UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The independent singer/songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand is an empathetic soul whose catchy folk-pop tunes and piano-driven ballads are complimented by lyrics that speak of freedom and the very human emotions of love, vulnerability and hope. Her songs illustrate an eclectic variety of influences ranging from blues through to classic rock and opera.

Originally from the East Coast of America, she moved to New Zealand in 2003 after touring with UK-based band Dreamfield and launched her solo career as Parabola West in 2013. Her debut EP, "Did You Hear?," was released in March 2014.


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