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Gasoline Genes was started in early 2013 in the little town of Warren PA when members Joel Forsgren & Rose Segel started conjuring up ideas for songs together. The two collaborated with drummer Nick Campbell to start giving these concepts a bit more dexterity. Finally adding the missing essential element, Sebastian Cristea on Bass and Guitar, they acquired the sound they were looking for. Singer/Guitarist Ryan Kinal joined the band in 2014, giving the band the fullness and depth . A rather eclectic mix of blues/bluegrass, peppered with elements of funk/soul with the standard drive of rock 'n' roll.

Venues we've played:

Mardi Gras(Warren,Pa) 
Mojos, Shawbucks, The Q(Jamestown, NY) 
Spirit, Club Cafe, 31st Pub and Peter's Pub(Pittsburgh Pa) 
The Brokenstring Music Festival
And many more as well as many other private venues.

Members of the band have also opened for: 
The Murder Junkies, Anvil, The Queers, Robert Mason (Warrant) and Stacey Blades (Roxx Gang/LA Guns), and The Whiskey DareDevils.

Gasoline Genes has also shared the stage with friends- PornoTongue, Wild Adriatic, $4 Mistake, Boiled Denim, NoWeGo, The Couchriders, Hoffman River Road Band, City Love Story, SFX, The Elektra Kings, Ryan Kinal, Superlush, Storytime with Phil, and others...

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