- NZ-Based Musicians
 - NZ-Based Musicians

NZ-Based Musicians

New Zealand, or Aotaroa, is a haven in the South Pacific, home to about 4 million lucky people. It has 2 main Islands, North and South, and about ¾ of its population live in the warmer North Island. The South Island, while colder, is more picturesque than the North, with spectacular glaciated Alpine scenery. Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, make up about 15% of the population and contribute hugely to New Zealand’s unique and rich culture.

10 Raglan Records musicians are based in non-Raglan New Zealand:



One Lung (Dark Carousel):


One Lung (Broken Harmonix Chords):


Wendy Morris:


Chris Thompson:


Funk Village:


Black Sea Sirens:


Hiro Brown:


The Dodatts:


The Dogs of Babylon


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