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 - Barbarella Blue

Barbarella Blue

Straight from the heart of New Orleans, Barbarella Blue will mesmerize you with her bombshell looks and rich, velvety vocals.  Stylistically, her retro vibe is 

jazzy but not jazz,

bluesy but not blues,

a little bit of pop-rock,

reggae infused 

Inspired from the 1950’s and 60’s, Her catchy lyrics are flirty and playful with melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head. Often, Barbarella Blue is described as being similar to Amy Winehouse.  

She says, “I write from a place inside my head set in a glorious time of big bands and old Hollywood glamour with a beach nearby.  My open heart and love for the beach inspired my song “Mango Potion”.  My songs are a reflection of where I am in that world of mine.” 

Currently, Barbarella Blue is recording her self titled EP and recently released three songs available on iTunes, Spotify and soundcloud.  Take a sip of her “Mango Potion”. 





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