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 - Almost Human

Almost Human

Almøst Human is a swiss metal band. But it’s also a universe, a vision of the world and humanity. An orchestration of the life and death’s cycle which finds an echo even in its own biography.

First steps done in the 90’s on Olivier Perdrizat (guitar and composition) and Rosario Fullone (drums) initiative, Almøst Human slowly faded a few years later before rising back again , in 2010, when Jan Peyer (bass) joined the band. This seminal line-up is soon completed with Chris Matthey; a second guitarist whose producer’s talents helped to forge a sound as much powerful as delicate. Ben Plüss (voice) comes crown the Gang, lending his verve and unique tone to a collection lashing soul and flesh’s intimity.

Making fun of usual metal-bound « clichés » (occult symbols, blood), it questions us about our human nature and about the place we occupy - or wish we occupied - in the animal kingdom. « Rather ask than claim », summarizes Olivier Perdrizat, who composes most of the riffs and whose thoughts widely inspired lyrics written out by Sebastian Maeder, Nick Maeder Gotthard singer’s brother joining together technicality peculiar to the xtreme metal with rock energy, Almøst Human always focus on melody and emotion, in the broad sense of term.

Totally self produced, if we except the mastering realised in Stockholm (Sweden) by the Cutting Room studio, the first Almøst Human EP is a slap in the face which shouldn’t leave indifferent any modern and innovative metal fan.

The whole pre-production has been realised in studio, even before the musicians started the rehearsals together. « We did the exact opposite of what bands usually do », explains Ben Plüss. « It made it possible for us to go further into the creation process than in the hub of a rehearsal Room ». We particularly stressed on atmospheres, guitars effects. All of it enjoyed a production and mixing of quality thanks to the work accomplished in the Royal Studios of Lausanne by Chris Matthey.

From now on, Almøst Human members share a mutual dream : defend their « repertoire » live. It will represent the realization of more than two years of intensive labour, which will probably erect the band as one of the most convincing value in helvetian metal area!


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